New Horizons!

Do you ever wish you had a map to life? I know I do! This last year, and let's face it, the last several have been collectively challenging, and I'm ready for a break, or a life coach, or maybe just an old-fashioned map and a fresh start! 

As it turned out, a fresh start was just what 2022 had in store for me, and today I am taking a deep breath because two major events are converging this week, and they are both cause to celebrate! 

First, I finally settled in my new studio after two moves since February. I had to drop off social media almost completely to stay afloat, and it has felt for months like I was holding on by only a thread. I know from experience that this is temporary, but as they say, when it rains, it pours! This year, of course, has many lessons to teach us, and even when problems have overwhelmed me, I've looked around, watched the news, and been so grateful for all I have. 

Tonight, I'm sitting at my desk with a glass of wine, surveying my new digs, and loving the space! It is now freshly painted (as was I for a time), and I've replaced the wall-to-wall carpet with an earthy cork floor that is soft under my feet as I putter around and organize. 

Although I am bursting to tell you about the second celebratory thing, the details must wait just a bit longer. For now, I'll say that the project was a year in the making (and an enormous undertaking - thank you to all who helped make it possible!); I delivered it last Friday - Hurray! I am thrilled with the result and can not wait to share more! 

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Patreon pages for more on that project and to the Events tab on my website. 

Cheers to new Horizons and even more happy stitching!



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